Charged Attack: Breach Arts Child Soldiers: Students are asked to throw off their student mentality when entering a ninja school; from now on, they are expected to conduct themselves as shinobi. Justified Trope: The harsh rules of the world of shinobi exists for a reason: to prepare shinobi students for their principal duty, fighting against youmas. During Rin’s first mission, her group of 50 (including a kagura) were slaughtered by 10 youmas in a few minutes. City of Adventure: Asakusa in Burst/Versus and Kyoto in Deep Crimson Clothing Damage: Taking damage (regardless of how much health a cytotec online character actually has) wears down a girl’s clothes and will eventually leave her in a defenseless bikini if too many hits are accrued. It’s also the only visual way to tell that the characters are actually trying to kill each other, as actual bloodshed is rare. Code Name: Every shinobi student is assigned one. Combat Pragmatist: Shinobi tend to be. As Yumi puts it in SV, their combat is not for sport. Shinobi fight to kill. Same can be said when Miyabi scoffs at Asuka for complaining about Ry and Ry assisting her. Common Ranks: Shinobi have their own

Until we cap Wall Street profits for the creators so we can provide the consumers with money to purchase the creators products, we will continue to see our economy moving sideways, higher entitlement costs, lower collection of tax revenues, and more bailouts for the corporations, who use their profits for shareholders when they should be using their profits for higher employee wages and plant expansions. They now favor outsourcing their labor to foreign countries to increase their bottom line for their shareholders. Boehner and his cronies have done nothing in getting outsourced jobs returned or getting millions of out of work Americans very needed medical insurance. Hell, Obama has to sell his soul (tax breaks to the wealthy) in order to get extensions of unemployment insurance. Again, congress, controlled by Boehner has the spending checkbook for the country not Obama. So in short, yes, Pres, Obama should be re elected. It is in the hands of the American people in terms of their spending habits and work ethic. Both candidates solutions fail to address the issues facing the overwhelming majority of Americans and cater to special interests which are fueling their candidaciies. Both are tools of their donors and backers and couldn give a rat behind about the average American despite adds claiming so. Things are going to get worse before the get better regardless who is in office.

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